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A strategic Health Risk Appraisal survey tool

The HealthyU HRA survey combines an innovative lifestyle questionnaire with complete biometric inputs. The tool is offered both as an integrated online solution and in a downloadable off-line format that can be uploaded to the online portal. We can even customize the survey to meet your organization's unique needs! HealthyU HRA is designed to be compliant with all current medical and privacy regulations.

Data You Can Use
Aggregate reports
The organization administrator receives a complete aggregate-data report library, as well as the ability to export the data at any time. Even if you start over with a new HRA vendor, your data is yours to keep and utilize in the way that works for your organization.
Data You Can Use
Results that make sense
After the survey is completed, each participant receives a personalized full-color report with individual results. The detailed analysis of health information is accompanied by tips and resources to help participants understand what they can do to improve their health.
Data You Can Use
Secure Information
When your organization chooses HealthyU HRA, each participant receives a unique ID number; this ensures his or her privacy even if a third party is involved in biometric screenings. Personal information is encrypted, and all data is sent through a secure data connection.


"It was cool that our company was concerned enough about employee wellness that they signed up. Since starting the program, I have been more focused and aware of my health goals.." Myranda B


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